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Access documentation and support for Expressly's integration.

Extension guides

SDK guides (GitHub)

JavaScript integration

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E-commerce extensions

Running on a standard e-commerce platform?

Just install the corresponding extension below and you can be up and running in minutes



Language SDKs

Not using one of the e-commerce platforms below? Need to integrate with our APIs in-house?

Then why not use one of our language SDKs that do the heavy lifting for you.


JavaScript integration

Just want a front-end solution? Use our light-weight script.

Add the following script to the header of your landing page (or site-wide).

Make sure to alert us that you have installed it so we enable it for your site.

<script type='text/javascript' src=''></script>

Compatible and tested with tag managers (e.g., Google Tag Manager).


Full API documentation

To connect directly with Expressly via your own integration

Check our API documentation here