Step 1

Download the latest release

Step 2

Connect to your server via (s)FTP, scp or alternative file transfer method.

Step 3

Navigate to the location of your site; common locations are:


Step 4

Copy the files to the base of the directory (they'll place themselves in the correct directories for you).

Step 5

Navigate to, and login to the Admin interface.

Step 6

Hover over the 'Extensions' menu, this will expand; click on the 'Modules' menu item.

Step 7

You should see 'Expressly' in the available modules table - click 'Install'.

Step 8

We're not done yet! You still need to add your API Key. You can get it by signing-in or registering on After installing, you'll be redirected to the module configuration page where you can add your API key.

Step 9

If all went well, you should be installed, registered, and ready to go!


If you have any questions or problems please email: