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JavaScript integration: example and testing



Below is a banner with an active and working PowerLink for a campaign between a Publisher and our demo shop "Sunflower Baby".

Powerlinks are unique per campaign and e-mail address - each load of this demo page generates a unique e-mail address and hence a new PowerLink simulates a new unique user.


Live Demo

Name Value
cname John Doe
cphone 02070000000
cdob 1987-08-07
cgender M
caddress1 46 Berwick Street
caddress2 2nd Floor
ccity London
czip W1F 8SG
cprovince Greater London
ccountry GBR
merchant m-63a6456f-6a0f-4ad1-a1ed-4370cb79951d

How it Works


The Creative Tag

The HTML code below is required to display the banner. You may place multiple instances of these on any given page.

<a target="_blank" class="xly-creative">
   <img width="300" height="163" border="0" />

The Ad-Serving Script

You will need to include the Expressly adserving javascript file on any pages that include a banner creative.


The Customer Data


Finally you will need to write the logged in user's information in the head section using meta tag properties.

You must always supply the merchant meta property. This will be provided by Expressly.

If no other meta properties are provided then an anonymous PowerLink and banner will be generated.

The format of the meta tags is:

<meta property="xly:name" content="value">